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Due to all the places that have biodiesel now available to the public, we are no longer selling biodiesel.

The next closest locations are:

BioDog in Mill Creek.

Contact Sean at biodog@mochabigface.com or 206 719-2815

  The Green Car Company in Kirkland.

The Issaquah Grange now has biodiesel!

Seaport Petroleum now has a public pump available!!


Pictures here:


Laurelhurst Oil has a public biodiesel pump available!


For grand opening pics see here: http://www.turbofroggy.com/laurelhurst_oil.htm

Snohomish Cenex has B20 at the pump!


168 Lincoln Ave, Snohomish, WA 98290

(360) 568-2104

TurboFroggy Biodiesel sold only ASTM Certified commercially produced biodiesel.

Here is contact information:

Matt Moreno


Prices subject to change without notice, email for current price and availability.

For home/business deliveries of Biodiesel or biodiesel in bulk (275+ gallons), please contact Seaport Petroleum.

*B99 is 99% Biodiesel 1% petroleum diesel. Seaport Petroleum is passing on a $0.99/gallon tax rebate to me that is why the price went down by $0.66/gallon from the previous B100 I was getting.

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