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Mt. Rainer

Matt too this on the plane on the way to Ontario


Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is our first flight in about 8 years


Another view of Mr. Rainer

Matt took this with his cellphone cam




Christa we are over here

She didn't recognize us


The Morneo's Casa at Christmas

Santa Grinch in Christa's boat


Mom peaking around the corner

This is Christmas Eve we just arrived at Aund Teresa's house


Wow Frogs!

Is that you son?


Matt, Laura and Grandma

Christmas Eve at Casa Moreno


The Moreno Men

Max, Uncle Richie, Matt, Uncle Ernie and Max

This is Christmas Eve


Aunt Tiny and Nina on Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

Party every day!


Chef Ernesto's Turkey


The two Laura Moreno's!


Ellery and Bob

At the buffet


Uncle Ernie's Turkey

His is a pet not dinner


Outdoor tree

Of course in California you can have a party outside at Christmas


Hummingbird having Christmas dinner


Let's Eat

Every one sits done to enjoy the wonderful meal


Bob, Wally, Allette, Aunt Teresa and Grandma


Uncle Ernie and Mary

This is Christmas Day. The day before Mary and El's wedding.


Snowman contest

All the kids were good sports


Caleb the Snowman


3 Generations

Grandma, Mom and Matt


Mom and Greg

Enjoying the fabulous Karoke talent night on Christmas day!


Caleb singing Karaoke