Text Box: The Beginning

Text Box: The wonderful Dr. Bock!
He gets our vote for Best Surgeon!

Text Box: JOURNAL:
Matt and I have decided to take togetherness to a new level.  We have both battled a weight problem all of our lives.  We have struggled with diet after diet with little success.   In February 2002, we made a decision to have Gastric Bypass Surgery.  After lots soul searching and research, plus the fact that Matt’s Aunt Teresa and our friend  Pauline had the surgery with lots of success, the procedure became less scary and more doable to us.  
In February 2002 we went to our regular doctor and started what became a long process in getting approved for this procedure by our insurance.  We had to join Weight Watchers for six months to really prove to the insurance that we had to much weight to loose to be successful in a commercial program.  In May 2003, we were accepted into the Gastric Bypass program our insurance offered. 
In June 2003 we began a series of tests; blood tests (oh so many blood tests) urine tests, x-rays, EKG’s and an evaluation by a social worker to make sure we were sane enough.  Just as a side note and probably TMI, the urine test was not what you are thinking—like pee on a stick.  No we had to bring jugs home and every time we had to pee over the course of a weekend we peed in a jug.  Guess where we had to keep the pee, the fridge.  Glad we only had to do that once.
In November 2003, we had an orientation class with others who were in the WLS program.  We finally met our Doctor/Surgeon Dr. Bock.   Dr. B. stressed he really wanted us both to loose as much weight as we could, so that he could perform the surgery using the Laparoscopic procedure.  After this appointment all that we had left was our pre-surgery physical, some more blood tests and to receive surgery dates.   (see Dr. Bocks picture left)
We got the call December 2003 the week before Christmas.  Matt’s surgery date was February 17th, 2004 and mine was February 24th, 2004.  We would be one week apart.  After a long draining 2 year process it was finally going to happen.

Text Box: Matt 30 days
before surgery.

Text Box: Laura 30 days
before surgery.



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