Text Box: Recovery

Text Box: We were lucky to have the GB procedure done Laparoscopic.  We both have 5 little incisions. Matt ‘s are 1 week old and mine are 2 days old.

Text Box: Journal:
Both procedures went well.  We were both in the Operating room for about 5 or 6 hours.  Matt had a lot of pain the first few hours after he was in the recovery room  because of all the air they pump into you before surgery.    Two hours after surgery they make you get up and walk a little.  It was hard for both of us but we did it.  
Our recovery was slow but successful.  Matt had some issue with throwing up some foamy stuff after he ate in the first month.  I had lots of nausea problems that lasted until about the fifth month.  I couldn’t eat very much protein as that seemed to be what triggered my nausea the most.  I also lost hair starting the 3rd month until the fifth month.  I lost  a lot of hair.  Luckily had had a lot of hair so it is not like I went bald or anything.  My hair became very thin though.  I started taking biotin and using Nioxin shampoo.  I am not sure if it helped, but mentally it made me feel like I was doing something to help myself.  We stayed home for one month after surgery to recover.  Matt and I walked every day even if it was rainy.  We started out just walking around are little block.   As we grew stronger we could walk more.  I really enjoyed our walks.  

Text Box: Matt’s Mom and Aunt Teresa came and stayed with us for a week each to help us through the recovery.  It was a blessing to have them here. 

Text Box: Matt taking a stroll with all his wires

Text Box: Laura taking a stroll with no wires.  (They took most of them out on the 3rd day.)

Text Box: Mom

Text Box: Aunt Teresa

Text Box: Here we are with Dr. Bock
at our six month check-up.
Matt had lost 167 lbs
Laura had lost 100 lbs



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