For Sale: 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo Diesel

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We are the proud new owners of a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo Diesel Sedan!

It has 297,683 miles on it but it is just getting broken in.. (Turbo Diesels of this particular make/model commonly last over 500,000 miles and some to over a million! See 2.8 Million Mile Mercedes )

I primarily purchased this car in order to convert it to run vegetable oil and drive it until the conversion on my Tahoe was complete. (The conversion has proven to be difficult on my truck and has taken months.)

I got the Frybrid vegetable oil conversion kit installed on it on 9/14/2005 and have already clocked 450+ gloriously greasy miles on it.  It runs so smooth on the grease, it is almost like it was made to burn it. :)

Update: as of 11/9/2005 we have burned though about 10 tanks of grease and have driven almost 5000 miles! I have used about 2 1/2 tanks of biodiesel thus far during this same time period.

I loved the smooth ride and the way this car drives so much that I have decided to sell my Tahoe and this car and buy a newer Mercedes. I am absolutely hooked on working on this car to the point of obsession! I fixed a bunch of little things that were wrong with it, as well as addressed a bunch of oil leaks and safety/reliability concerns.

Update: as of 12/14/2005 we have burned though about 16 tanks of grease and have driven almost 8000 miles! I have used about 4 tanks of biodiesel thus far, with the last one being about B60 (due to weather). There is about 305,500 miles on the clock now. I have since fixed a few more things on it, see details below.  I have decided to buy a newer 98 E300D and convert that to grease so I am selling this wonderful classic Benz.

For more information see details below the pictures!

Here are some pics of the Mercedes and of the Frybrid conversion kit:



For Sale:

1984 Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel 123.133
4 Door Sedan, Pearl White, alloy wheels.
Tri-fuel, diesel, biodiesel, vegetable oil (SVO/WVO)
5 cylinder 3.0 Liter indirect injected turbo diesel

302,500 miles

New parts:
Hood Star
Motor Mounts
Motor shock rebuild kit on Driver side
Turbo oil drain tube o-rings and pan grommet. (very common leak)
Oil air and filter changed when first got the car about a month ago.
Oil pan gasket
Newly redesigned oil breather tube.
Transmission cooler hoses.
Transmission cooler hose mounts. (very common failure too)
Thermostat and gasket
Upper radiator hose
Lower radiator hose
Bypass hose (very difficult to change) and gasket.
Valve cover gasket
Adjusted valves
Front Brake pads and new rotor on driver side.
All 4 brake lines new
Recent alignment, rotate and balance.
Aux Coolant pump
All 4 new shocks
Swapped seat cushions (for better feel to driver seat).
New shifter bushings
Replaced cluster lights with super-white blue bulbs to increase brightness.
Changed all fluids at 300K (Engine oil and filter, Transmission oil and filter including torque converter, Rear End, Power Steering full change including filter)
Adjusted throttle linkages and transmission shifts (vacuum diagnostics)
New wiper blades.
Been running biodiesel and WVO for over a month now without issue.
Recently passed emissions (last emissions needed before it is except)
Went over the whole car with haze remover and two hand applied coats of Turtle Wax.
R134a Air Conditioner retrofit and recharge, (AC Blows cold but I disconnected it for winter)
Monovalve rebuild kit
Coolant flush and refill with good orange Prestone DexCool long life (5/150) coolant approved by Daimler and safe for aluminum parts.

After fixing all the oil leaks it barely uses a quart of oil every 5000 miles.
Goes great and will easily do 90+ MPH on the freeway.
This is a tuned up and smooth running Benz.

Fixed missing wood trim, all wood trim is in tact and in good shape now.
New passenger side mirror switch

New block heater cord

Included with:
Genuine Mercedes repair manuals on CD (worth $100)
Hayes Mercedes repair manual
New valve cover gasket (for the next time the valves need adjusted.)
Axel boot rebuild kit (didn't get around to it, worth $115)
Replacement primary and secondary fuel filters.
Replacement filters for the Frybrid kit.
New genuine Mercedes floor mats. (Worth $100)
Biodiesel stickers and Frybrid license plate frame.
Installed by Frybrid in Seattle - Frybrid Vegetable oil conversion kit (
Sunroof cleaning/repair kit from (will be nice to do for summer)
Ashtray (removed when the Frybrid kit was installed)

Everything works but, a car of this age will have stuff that isn't factory fresh..

2 of the 5 buttons on the climate control don't work.
Antenna does not go up and down all the way by itself (needs cleaned/shaft replaced)
AM side of radio sometimes does not work and tape does not work. (Will include a newer Pioneer radio if you want to have it installed)
Sunroof is slow and needs assistance to open/close when cold. Sunroof repair kit will fix that. (included)
Knob for passenger electric mirror adjustment is missing but it still works.
Tachometer fixed with "cigarette butt trick" using a small piece of shop towel but it is sometimes intermittent.
Cruse control works but sometimes turns off on it's own.
(This is fixed now with the above fix, the two are related)
Flaps for sun visors are both broken and are in the glove box. Lights work though if you put the flap back in.
Ash tray in right rear door does not stay in.
Parking/Emergency brake does not work. I tried adjusting it but I think it needs the little shoes replaced.
The front floating donut in the brake reservoir is stuck down, causing the brake light to stay on when it is plugged in. (it is unplugged now)
Since the ashtray was removed for the Frybrid installation there is no Cig-Lighter outlet. I have another one if you want to put it in yourself later.  Also windshield washer reservoir was removed during the Frybrid installation.
It has some rust on it near the bottom of the doors and on the drivers side fender.
Dash is cracked, as almost all of these cars are. Will include "funky" purple dash cover for free!

$5995 Firm.

Contact Matt at turbofroggy at hotmail dot com or call 425-444-7474 and leave a message.


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