For Sale SOLD!!: 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe 2Door Diesel 4X4


1996 Chevrolet Tahoe 2 Door 4x4 K1500 with a 6.5L 400 Cubic Inch Indirect Injected Turbo Diesel.

Rare Diesel 2 Door!

139K Miles

2nd Owner (owned since it had 35K).

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LT Leather Package with Heated Seats.

Z71 off-road package with skid plates.

265/75/16 Pirelli Scorpion tires (80%) and matching spare.

Alloy 5 spoke Superior wheels.

GPS Navigation System

Bluetooth Hands Free Cell Phone kit with Mute/Pause radio control.

Pioneer In-Dash CD Player and Pioneer 6 disk changer under rear seat.

Pioneer powered subwoofer

Clifford Alarm with Keyless Entry, Window Control and Headlight Control

Projector Headlights

LED Crystal Clear turn signals and side markers (custom wired with proper resistors, no fast flashing)

Hella Twin-Tone super horns

Hella Driving lights wired to come on separately or with high beams.

4-High high beam kit (makes all 4 headlights come on when you turn high beams on)

Chrome Bumper Guard

Pilot Truck fog lights

Indoor/Outdoor temp gauge

EGR Big Disk Brake kit and rear disc conversion kit with high capacity "police" master cylinder.

Flex-A-Lite Big-Truck twin electric fans.

Ported intake manifold (removed webbing to increase air flow)

Custom cold air intake with intake restriction gauge and huge K and N filter

Pillar mounted gauge pod with ISSPRO EV Turbo Boost, Pyrometer and Transmission Temp.

Heated Signal Mirrors with reverse flash.

Custom wired 4-bulb stop rear tail lights (ultimate in brake light visibility)

Electronic Trailer brake controller.

Oil changed every 3000 miles with Delo 400 15W40.

Dayco Gen-2 Fuel line and Viton injector return lines, 100% biodiesel ready.

New alternator with lifetime warranty (from Schucks) at 110K miles.

Fuel lift pump override switch (great for bypassing OPS sensor and for priming fuel filter).

All hoses replaced at 120K (Upper lower radiator hoses, bypass, heater hoses overflow etc).

(I know I am missing stuff, I have every mod imaginable on this truck, it's my baby!)

Super, SUPER fast diesel, and 20MPG on the freeway!

To see it and for a test drive please see:

The Green Car Company
Phone - (425) 820-4549

11630 Slater Ave NE #3 Kirkland, WA 98034



More info:

Best WebPages for info on the 6.5L:

The engine in my truck is one of the later versions of the 6.5L Turbo Diesel and is of the L56 flavor (light duty emissions, it has an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)).  It has an electronically controlled distributor type injection pump.  It is the cousin to the 6.2L naturally aspirated (no turbo) GM diesel that was sold in the 80s, but NOT the crap 5.7L converted diesel.  The 6.2 and 6.5s were real diesels from the start.

The 6.5L engine does not have an intercooler and stock runs pretty low boost pressure, less than 10 lbs typically. It has a computer controlled vacuum wastegate.

The #1 failure on the 6.5Ls is a thing called the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD). It is a little black box about the size of a deck of cards that is mounted on the side of the injector pump.  This box controls the powerful fuel solenoid inside the injector pump that decides how much fuel and when it is injected.  When these go out (and in the stock configuration the frequently do) it can cause stalling, sputtering, and no start conditions.  If you have a electronically controlled 6.5 the first thing you should do is remotely mount the PMD away from the injector pump.  This allows it to be in a much cooler location, and allows easy change out if it goes bad.

Here are a couple of examples of remote mount PMD solutions:

Heath Diesel  PMD Isolator

FSD Cooler (or search on Google for FSD Cooler, there are lots of versions)

My opinion on the FSD (Fuel System Driver AKA PMD) is that is should not be located in the engine compartment if possible and especially bolted to any part of the engine. The heat and vibration are really not good for the longevity of sensitive electronic equipment.  I have a combination of an extension harness and a FSD Cooler that is mounted in the "diesel" openings in my front bumper.  That said however, a cooler is not the end-all-be-all solution to the PMD problem.  I have had a PMD go bad on my cooler in the bumper before, it lasted about 70K miles or so. But since it was on the cooler in the bumper it was a 10 minute job to change it out. (and I always have a spare one on the shelf in the garage just in case)  Sometimes you can buy used ones on ebay etc. I picked up a couple of used ones for $50 each a while back.

Ok now that you have solved that PMD problem, onto the performance stuff.

3.5" Free Flowing Exhaust (Performance Exhaust and Undercar, Milton WA)

High Performance Injectors

Reprogrammed ECU (Turbo-Master ECM)

Mechanically Controlled Wastegate (Turbo-Master)

Water/Methanol injection (Chemical Intercooling)

(Will add links later, stay tuned)

However most of this stuff can be had from

I recently installed a Parrot Bluetooth car kit, a CK3100.

I have a Pioneer stereo that does not have ISO connectors on it so I had to adapt the existing wiring to fit the Parrot.

Here is a diagram that I made explaining the connections: Parrot wiring diagram:


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